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At Elles Belles Early Learning, we work together with our families to develop a supportive partnership and promote trusting relationships based on honest, open communication and mutual respect. Families at Elles Belles Early Learning feel confident leaving their child in our care, knowing that we always put the children first and are passionate about caring for and educating your child. We educate and care for each individual child and support their learning from the moment they start at Elles Belles Early Learning. We encourage all families to communicate openly and appreciate feedback in all aspects. Our families are encouraged to be actively involved in the programmes and special events, incursions, and excursions we offer at our campuses. We acknowledge that you are the primary role model and teacher in your child’s life and respect that. We treat all our families with equity and encourage diversity in all aspects, regardless of your gender, sexuality, social status, race, religion, culture, or family structure.

We offer guidance, support, and resources to assist families when requested. Below, we have included some links to websites that contain important information and resources you may like to visit.

The Department of Education and Training has a section on early childhood, which includes child safety, health and development, children with additional needs, learning in early years, moving to primary school, and working with families and the community.

Childcare Subsidy

The Child Care Subsidy, introduced on July 2, 2018, replaces previous benefits with a means-tested system offering fee assistance to low and middle-income families, accessible through MyGov.

Child Safe Standards

The Child Safe Standards aim to protect children from abuse in over 50,000 Victorian organisations by establishing safety protocols across various service providers.


Our FAQ section offers quick answers to your most common questions, providing guidance and clarity on our services and policies.

National Quality Framework

The National Quality Framework aims to enhance early childhood education and care across Australia through standardised regulation, assessment, and improvement practices.

School Readiness Funding

Elles Belles Early Learning is utilising School Readiness Funding in Victoria to enhance kindergarten services and outcomes, based on data-informed annual plans and needs assessment.

The Victorian Early Years Learning and Development framework

Elles Belles Early Learning adopts the VEYLDF, focusing on holistic child development from birth, emphasising health, wellbeing, supportive relationships, and the foundational role of families and educators.

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