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State-Of-The-Art Dining Experience

At Elles Belles Early Learning, we prioritise a holistic dining experience, featuring a commercial kitchen led by a fully qualified chef and a spacious, state-of-the-art dining room designed to foster a calming atmosphere. Our unique servery enables children to witness meal preparation, fostering interaction with our chef and promoting autonomy through self-serving options.

Our cooking classes are hands on teaching children about measuring, stirring, pouring and assists in developing early science and mathematical concepts. To promote health and nutrition our organic fruit and vegetable garden is used in conjunction with these experiences, teaching children the cycle of life. The best part is the sense of achievement when they get to eat their delicious creation.

Our commitment to uninterrupted learning extends to meal times, with progressive meals that are nutritionally balanced and reflect cultural diversity. Our menu includes breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, and a late-night snack, catering to all dietary needs while ensuring that every child enjoys a variety of flavors and nutrients.

Understanding the importance of safety, we implement rigorous protocols to accommodate allergies and anaphylaxis, maintaining nut and egg-free campuses to protect our children's health.

Complementing our culinary offerings, our organic fruit and vegetable garden serves as a living classroom where children can engage in the cultivation and selection of produce for their meals. This hands-on approach not only educates them about the life cycle of plants but also instills a deeper appreciation for nature and the origins of their food.

Our Chefs


I am Jess, born and raised in Colombia, where I studied culinary arts and French patisserie. I worked in many restaurants and, eventually, I opened one of my own. During this time, I got interested in many different aspects of food, such as food waste, sustainability, and food security. Led by these interests, I came to Australia in 2020 to study a Bachelor of Food Studies at William Angliss Institute. This study gave me a broader understanding of food complementing my experiences in the hospitality industry for more than ten years.

When I am not cooking, I like to spend time with my partner by visiting restaurants or exploring new places. In addition, running has become my newest hobby, very serious now; I am training for a marathon at the end of September.

Nowadays, I have stepped aside from the hospitality sector by coming here and cooking for the little ones. I hope to reflect my love for food in the food I make for them by bringing delicious and nutritious food to them.

Hello families, my name is Anastasia. I was born in Thailand, and I grew up in Rhodes, Greece. I have completed my Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management and have been working as a chef in restaurants since 2016. I love being able to be a part of the Elles Belles family and having the opportunity to cook delicious meals for the children each day. I love designing the menus for the centre, relating to each season and ensuring I keep the options fresh and exciting. At the end of the day, I like to join the rooms with the children, helping them learn through their play.

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