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Our Philosophy Of Education And Wellbeing

Our belief is to foster a holistic approach to teaching and learning for your child and to ensure their health and wellbeing is always at the forefront of what we do. Our goal is to support families in their task of nurturing and educating their little ones. We strive to foster mutually supportive partnerships between parents and staff through open communication and respect.


Learning begins at birth, a child’s learning and development at each stage of life forms the foundation for the next. During the first five years, we know that children experience more rapid brain development and acquire more skills and knowledge than in any other period in their lives. It is for this reason that we at Elles Belles Early Learning so passionately believe in the importance of investing in these formative years.


Our vision is to create a natural environment which is engaging and fun for each child to be a part of. Seeing as the first five years are the most important we strive to make a difference in every child’s life by providing opportunities to develop their active minds and bodies. We provide strong foundations by instilling the knowledge and confidence that will help each child to grow into the best person they can be.

The Elles Belles Early Learning Way

Our specialised education programs are based on up to date childhood education theories. All of our programs are documented, flexible and responsive to the changing needs and interests of the children. We provide a diverse educational program as well as nutritious meals throughout the day.

We employ qualified and passionate staff who are dedicated to providing professional care and education for all children. Our team has comprehensive firsthand knowledge of how successful facilities operate as well as strong commitments to quality education.  We emphasise the ongoing training and education of our staff to ensure our early learning campuses are of the highest quality.

Socialising with peers helps children to develop a sense of belonging in a group as they interact with others and learn how to negotiate rules and relationships for positive social interactions. We strongly value the importance of learning through play at Elles Belles Early Learning, in a nurturing home away from home environment.

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