Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Upon opening our service, all children who arrive early will participate in an integrated age group programme. This is a fantastic opportunity for siblings to spend time together, aiding in their settling in, and allows children of varying ages to interact and learn from one another. As more children arrive, the educators and teachers will then move their children into their classroom where they will spend most of their day. Each room has its own age-appropriate planned programmes and routines for the day. This routine includes meal times in our beautiful dining room. We offer progressive morning tea, afternoon tea, and a late-night snack so children can continue playing and learning uninterrupted. Rest/sleep times are included within your child's day, and the basic outline of the room routine will include both indoor and outdoor educational programmes specifically developed to cater to the strengths, interests, and learning opportunities for your child. Each programme and routine is age-appropriate and has been planned to meet objectives developed through observations of your child. In each of the children's rooms, the educators will record important information through daily reflection and individual portfolios. This will not only show you important information but also the activities your child has participated in throughout the day, allowing you the opportunity to discuss the day's events with your child and us when you pick them up. Towards the end of the day, as children start to go home, the remaining children will once again participate in an integrated age group programme.

All our campuses are privately owned and operate at the highest quality, with your child at the core of our mission. The Founder ensures only the best Campus Directors are in place, who share the same passion for your child's learning, development, and wellbeing. The Campus Directors manage their campuses as if they were their own, taking the responsibility of caring for and educating your child very seriously and ensuring the highest standards are consistently achieved.

The health and safety of your child is our highest priority; therefore, children must not attend if they are unwell. If your child is sick, they should not only be resting but also be kept away to prevent compromising the health and safety of the other children within our centre.

We request that each child has a bag for their personal belongings. Families should ensure that all their children's belongings are clearly labelled. To assist us in meeting all your child's needs, we ask that the following items are provided:

  • A beanie and warm jacket for winter
  • Change of clothes for all weather conditions (including enough underwear if toilet training)
  • Ready-made bottles or pre-measured formula and sterilised bottles (if required)
  • Comforters (refer to our sleeping and rest requirements policy on-premises)
  • Drink bottle containing strictly water

When you enrol, you will select your child's permanent days of attendance. We expect your child to attend on these days each week until you notify us, in accordance with our policy, of your intention to reduce permanent care days. Throughout your child's learning journey with us, you are welcome to increase or change permanent care days, subject to availability. Please consult the Campus Directors to check if there are vacancies for the days you wish to change to.

Our waitlist operates by considering the child's age to determine if our age-specific rooms have vacancies that meet the family's needs, such as preferred days and start date. We also take into account the Priority Access Guidelines set by the Government. Unfortunately, once one of our campuses reaches full capacity, we can only depend on existing families to voluntarily change their care requirements or cease care for a vacancy to arise. When a vacancy becomes available, the Campus Directors will consult the waitlist. Additionally, a month before you require a spot for your child, you will receive a courtesy phone call from Elles Belles Early Learning, informing you of any potential vacancies for your consideration, ensuring you don’t miss out.

Late in the year, all our existing families will receive an invitation from the Campus Directors to submit their requirements for the following year. To secure their position for the upcoming year, families must return these forms by the specified deadline.

Although not all staff are legally required to hold these qualifications, our policy mandates that all our educators working directly with children maintain current first aid, anaphylaxis, and asthma management qualifications to ensure they can care for your child in case of an emergency. If your child suffers from asthma, epilepsy, anaphylaxis, or has any allergies, you must notify the Campus Directors upon enrolment, and we will inform you of the necessary steps to be taken.

We collaborate closely with your family to provide support with individually tailored strategies to address toilet training challenges. Our purpose-built campuses are equipped with convenient nappy changing benches and age-appropriate toilets, easily accessible from both the outdoor playground and inside the classroom.

The Education and Care Services National Regulations stipulate that the minimum staff-to-child ratios for a licensed children's service are:

  • For every four children under the age of three, there must be a minimum of one educator.
  • For every eleven children aged three and over there must be a minimum of one educator.

At Elles Belles Early Learning, we staff above these ratios to provide the extra care, supervision, and education your children deserve.

An Educational Leader is accessible on each campus; they train and mentor our team to implement our curriculum and the national Early Years Learning Framework. The Educational Leader provides support for each teacher and educator's professional development, as well as for your child's learning.

Each classroom is led by a qualified room leader who must hold a minimum of a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education. Some of our Room Leaders may hold or be working towards a higher qualification or degree in their field. These Educators, together with the Educational Leader, are responsible for the overall operation of the classroom, including the implementation of learning and developmental outcomes for all the children. Fifty percent of all educators caring for and educating your child must hold a minimum of a Diploma in Early Childhood Education or be working towards this qualification.

The Co-Educators are required to hold a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education at minimum or be working towards this qualification. We are continually guiding and assisting our Early Childhood Co-Educators to further their studies and enhance their formal qualifications. We provide traineeships to support educators in achieving this.

Our three- and four-year-old Kindergarten programmes are both delivered by a Qualified Teacher who holds a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education).

By offering both three and four year old Kindergarten programmes with a qualified teacher in a long day care early learning centre, we provide more flexibility in terms of hours to suit both your and your child's needs. Additionally, there is no need to arrange twelve weeks of leave each year; your child can attend Elles Belles Early Learning during the school holidays.

Our excursions and incursions are planned around themes based on the children's learning and interests. We also offer extracurricular activities related to music, language, or physical activity at all our campuses, at no extra cost.

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